What I Learned About Blessed Mother’s Desire to Heal Our Addictions on My Trip to Medjugorje

Earlier in December, I took a personal trip to the apparition site Medjugorje near Bosnia. I wasn’t sure what to expect on this trip as I had no major ailments to ask for healing, just some smaller annoying health issues, but I was hoping to improve my relationship and devotion to our Blessed Mother. It […]

Who Told You that You were Naked?

Pornography: a Gateways to the Satanic by Francis J. Pierson Very few Americans realize just how deeply the occult has penetrated and influenced our society. In my past two pamphlets I outlined the role of Masonic Illuminism’s infiltration of both state and Church. I showed how Freemasonry is ultimately a Luciferian religion. Today I want […]

What you didn’t know about the Confiteor Prayer

If you are like me, it wasn’t but a few years ago that I didn’t even know what the Confiteor prayer was, much less the power it can actually have. I attended mass regularly, went through the motions, but never really knew, much less understood what I was praying. Then one day at daily mass, […]

Transforming Pain

Every person, without exception, has interior pain. An interior pain that tends to define our self-image or self-perception.  At Road to Purity, we follow a saying, “If you don’t transform your pain, you will transmit it.” We all transmit pain in our lives. In our actions and in what we do. So, what do we […]

The Connection Between Helping People Quit Pornography and Stopping Sex Trafficking

The Connection Between Helping People Quit Pornography and Stopping Sex Trafficking Sex trafficking is a global issue that affects millions of people, mainly women and children. Many organizations have been established to help combat this destructive industry, but the fight is far from over.  In recent times, there has been a growing movement to help […]

Can a marriage overcome infidelity?

Can a marriage survive infidelity? This precise topic is the very catalyst of the Road to Purity ministry. In this blog, we must cover several aspects of this question. Let’s approach this by answering the last question first. As stated in the opening statement, with infidelity being the catalyst, my personal story is the cause, […]

The Violation of a Woman’s Dignity: How Porn Is Not an Empowerment

We live in an age where women’s rights and freedoms are at the forefront of many conversations in our society. With these advances has come the increasing availability of products such as pornography, which is often touted by its industry as a form of empowerment for women.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, […]