What I Learned About Blessed Mother’s Desire to Heal Our Addictions on My Trip to Medjugorje

Earlier in December, I took a personal trip to the apparition site Medjugorje near Bosnia. I wasn’t sure what to expect on this trip as I had no major ailments to ask for healing, just some smaller annoying health issues, but I was hoping to improve my relationship and devotion to our Blessed Mother. It was an incredible experience, and I learned so much about our Lady’s love for us, her tenderness as a mother, and her burning desire to heal our souls.

In this article, I will share my personal insights and experiences from my trip to Medjugorje, particularly about our Blessed Mother’s desire to heal our woundedness, our addictions and purify our souls. I hope that this will inspire you to deepen your relationship with Mary and seek her intercession in your own struggles and addictions.

1. Our Lady’s Love for Her Son and for Us

One of the most profound things that I learned on this trip was the overwhelming message of the Blessed Mother’s complete adoration for her son Jesus, but also her intense love for all of us, her children. She desires healing and purification for all of us so that we may enter the sacred heart of her Son.

Throughout the decades of these apparitions, her messages have consistently centered on the need for repentance and prayer, as well as fasting. She rarely speaks about anything going on in the world or people in the world. As I listened to the testimony of one of the original visionaries, Mirjana, I was struck by the fact that nothing she ever said seemed to relate to any importance of herself, only her wish and desire to help us get to Jesus.

2. Fasting and Detachment

Another important insight that I gleaned from my trip to Medjugorje was the importance of fasting and detachment. While the church generally focuses on fasting during Lent on Fridays only, Mary suggests that we fast on both Wednesdays and Fridays always. At first, I did not understand the reasons for this, but as I continued to reflect and pray on this, I began to see its implications.

Fasting is a powerful way of training ourselves to deny ourselves some basic pleasures of life, thus enabling us to detach from our fault identities and move forward successfully in our surrender to Jesus. When we fast, we deny our bodies and surrender our control, releasing the primary truth of existence to the soul. In this way, we are able to obey and discipline ourselves to what God desires, rather than what we desire.

3. Healing Our Woundedness and Brokenness

As someone who is a recovering sex addict, I have learned firsthand how our personal woundedness and brokenness can interfere with our trust and relationship with our Blessed Mother and Father in heaven. One of the key things that I teach in our recovery programs is the need to find the roots of our woundedness, the sources of persons that influence those areas, and the forgiveness and healing of those that is required so we can move forward and successfully surrender ourselves to Jesus.

Through fasting, prayer, and detachment, we can begin to remove the attachments and things of this world that prevent us from completely surrendering ourselves to Christ. We are able to more fully leave behind our personal desires, pleasures, and attachments, entering into the sacred heart of Jesus Christ like a child.

4. Prayer and the Rosary

Finally, I learned the importance of daily prayer, particularly the rosary, in deepening our relationship with our Blessed Mother. Mary implores us to pray the rosary daily, and it is through this powerful prayer that we are able to draw closer to her and her Son.

As we reflect on the mysteries of the rosary and meditate on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we are reminded of our need for repentance and our call to holiness. The rosary is a powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal, and I encourage each one of you to make it a daily habit.

In conclusion, my trip to Medjugorje was an incredible experience that deepened my love and devotion for our Blessed Mother. Through her messages, we are reminded of our need for repentance, prayer, fasting, and detachment, as well as the importance of daily prayer, particularly the rosary. Let us strive to remove the attachments and things of this world that prevent us from surrendering ourselves completely to Christ, and may our Lady’s love and tenderness as a mother guide us in our journey towards holiness.

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  • Thanks for sharing. I had a priest from Vietnam tell me in the confessional years ago that “this type of sin (lust) can only be defeated by prayer & fasting.” He was correct. Weekly fasting, pray without ceasing are straight out of the Bible & is working for me to stay sober from lust ODAAT.

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