Does Porn Fuel Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking and pornography are related. However, many people assume they are two different issues. In fact, you can rarely find leaders, politicians, and media outlets saying that porn and sex trafficking are related. Why is that? Today, I want to explain why and the facts that support this position.  What is sex trafficking? Sex […]

Souls Divided

By Dann Aungst/Road to Purity As the president and founder of Road to Purity, I spend a significant amount of time researching the effects, the societal behaviors and the spiritual depths of sexual behavior. This study also leads me to see the extensive spiritual and emotional disorders that we all have. Disorders that the vast […]

How Addiction Recovery Principles Can Help Everyone in the Covid-19 Climate

by Dann Aungst – Founder of Road to Purity If it’s one thing addicts know, porn addicts in particular (since that’s what Road to Purity specializes in), being faced with seemingly hopeless and uncontrollable situations are not unknown territory. As addicts, we can use our recovery practices to help us in facing extremely uncertain times […]