From Porn Addict to Founder of Road to Purity

Below is an article with the above title written by Elizabeth Racine and published in the Signs and Wonders magazine.  Dann Aungst, President and Founder of Road to Purity, turnsto the audience and begins to tell his story: “It was roughly eight years after my affair, and in some ways things with my wife had […]

Your Brain on Porn – Part 3: Porn Addicts are Drug Addicts

As we continue our series about the brain and how porn impacts it, we discover that porn addicts are actually drug addicts.  Chemically, Pornography Is Nearly Identical to Heroin Addiction Can that be true? That seems like a stretch! Well, according to several specialists in the neural science field, it is accurate. Here is a […]

Your Brain on Porn – Part 2: When Pornography is Consumed

Introducing Pornography to the Brain What happens when we don’t obey the natural design of our bodies—namely, our brains? When we aren’t true to our original purpose of creation? It may be helpful to consider a few common examples of what happens when we don’t use our bodies as designed. One example is when people […]

Non-biblical reasons to stop watching porn

Let’s admit it. The arguments we hear against porn are often based on how unethical and how immoral it is. How consuming porn is a sin, and we’re all going to hell for it. How looking at sex on the internet, nude women in magazines or even sexually explicit movies are bad. These views can […]

The 4 components of recovery from porn – Part 3: Chemical

This week, we continue our 4 part series on the components of recovery from porn and sex addiction. The Chemical component is our focus today.  So far, we have addressed the Behavioral (Part 1) and Spirituality (Part 2) components.  Of the four components to recovery, the chemical impact is most often not addressed.   All too […]