15 Coping Strategies to Help You Stay Porn-Free

By Dann Aungst So, you’ve made the courageous commitment to stop looking at porn. Congratulations! A very commendable and healthy life change. However, reality hits. You find that just because you made a commitment, that it doesn’t necessarily equal success. In fact, you may even find that you are looking at porn more than ever! […]

How Porn Impacts Your Physical and Mental Health

by Dann Aungst – Road to Purity While some form of pornography has been around since the beginning of time, any significant change didn’t happen until the introduction of Playboy magazine in 1953 and shortly followed by the sexual revolution in the 1960’s.  A short few decades later with the internet and connection speeds that […]

Porn Addiction: A Path to Freedom

by Dann Aungst – Road to Purity. Ever since the introduction of the smart phone and high-speed internet the pornography industry has exploded exponentially. Today one major porn supplier reports 120-160 million users on a daily basis. Estimates of all sources of internet pornography combined suggest a daily internet user base at over 300 million. […]

Souls Divided

By Dann Aungst/Road to Purity As the president and founder of Road to Purity, I spend a significant amount of time researching the effects, the societal behaviors and the spiritual depths of sexual behavior. This study also leads me to see the extensive spiritual and emotional disorders that we all have. Disorders that the vast […]

How Addiction Recovery Principles Can Help Everyone in the Covid-19 Climate

by Dann Aungst – Founder of Road to Purity If it’s one thing addicts know, porn addicts in particular (since that’s what Road to Purity specializes in), being faced with seemingly hopeless and uncontrollable situations are not unknown territory. As addicts, we can use our recovery practices to help us in facing extremely uncertain times […]

Your husbands addicted to porn – what did you do wrong?

I have heard both first-hand and second-hand statements from countless women who ask themselves what they could have done differently so their husbands wouldn’t look at porn. They even blame themselves when their husband has an affair or is caught seeing prostitutes. “Should I have given him more sex?”, “Did I love him enough?”, “Should […]