Who Told You that You were Naked?

Pornography: a Gateways to the Satanic

by Francis J. Pierson

Very few Americans realize just how deeply the occult has penetrated

and influenced our society. In my past two pamphlets I outlined the role

of Masonic Illuminism’s infiltration of both state and Church. I showed

how Freemasonry is ultimately a Luciferian religion. Today I want to go

deeper, right to the very core of this hellish matrix of evil that is raw

Satanism. In a recent Life Site News interview, Charles Fraune, author of

“The Rise of the Occult,” touched on the serious nature of the

Vatican/Pachamama scandal. Fraune had learned from an exorcist,

“whenever you have a demon of fertility ─ which is what Pachamama is

─ you have a demon of death as well that goes along with it.” And if

such a disturbing sacrilege can occur at the very heart of God’s Church,

is it surprising that the larger culture increasingly manifests the Satanic?

This descent into the occult is being driven by two things in particular,

the social acceptance of abortion and pornography. But this dance with

the devil has deeper historical roots. Consider our developing of weapons

of mass murder, highlighted by the 1940s Manhattan Project, which

became a clear moral turning point. The atomic bomb opened a veritable

Pandora’s box, i.e., the unlocking of some forbidden knowledge which is

the very heart and soul of Gnostic and occult doctrines.

After 1945 science set about with a vengeance to manipulate other forces

that humans were not morally capable of safely using or controlling. We

now casually tinker with genetic structures (bio-engineering), dangerous

viruses, and even the climate (geo-engineering) without giving a thought

to possible negative consequences. We clinically jump-start human life

using test tubes and develop digital devices to spy on people’s most

mundane activities, thus violating your privacy. Governments use

national security and defense of democracy as pretexts to justify

assassinations, to build biological weapons, to topple foreign

governments, to muzzle opposition, and to withhold and obfuscate the

truth from ordinary citizens. Governments concoct disingenuous

narratives designed to terrify, indoctrinate, and bully individuals to think,

act, or vote in certain prescribed ways. Media power is weaponized to

demolish Christian based morals and replace these with a hedonistic,

self-centered brand of relativistic morality which conceals the Satanic

agenda in plain sight.

Even so, the greatest threat to the human race today is not war, Co2, or

global hunger. It’s not a viral infection, overpopulation, or even the

global New World Order. I would argue that the greatest threat to

mankind today is pornography and its close ally, abortion, two insidious

means of implanting diabolic influence within a society. Abortion is

intrinsically linked to pornography because porn is the engine which

feeds the abortion mill. Pornography and the sex trade is a $150 billion

industry. Plain common sense suggests that the production of so much

porn generates many thousands of unintended pregnancies. Abortions

then just become part of the cost of doing business for the porn industry.

But that is only on the physical level. On a spiritual level every abortion

becomes a blood sacrifice made to Satan in mockery of the one true and

efficacious blood sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross. Abortion

isn’t just about some woman’s convenience or self-interest, it

intentionally mocks God by throwing His greatest gift, life, back in His

face. Nor does it liberate women. As a former Satanist and High Wizard

Zachary King explains, “those that abort their children are not avoiding

motherhood, they are now the mothers of dead children.”

I will return to Zachary King’s shocking revelations about the occult and

abortion shortly. First, the dangers of pornography among which is its

ability to burn its disturbing images into one’s memory so effectively

that 50 or 60 years later those images are as sharp and clear as on the day

you first viewed them. It desensitizes its victims to the real harm it does.

On the surface it appears to be a very private vice but in the age of

internet and social media we have seen how anything ‘private’ can

become public. But that is not the worst of it. Especially for the young,

pornography serves as a portal to a host of other soul-deadening vices:

prostitution, drug abuse, homo-eroticism, sorcery, child rape,

demonology, and in extreme cases even murder and cannibalism.

Libertarians and others would dismiss this as a gross exaggeration,

claiming that porn indulgence is a harmless, and Constitutionally

protected, activity. Yet serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer both

disagreed, pointing to porn addictions as the beginning of their descent

into irreparable depravity. Its apologists ask what is wrong with looking

at the human body as God made it? They gloss over the fact that porn,

like many drugs, requires stronger and more potent doses over time in

order to release the same dopamine pleasure stimuli in the brain. And so,

the “soft porn” viewed as a youngster no longer excites the same

response, thus the need to move on to something more graphic, depraved,

and often violent. Eventually an individual can get hooked on rape or

S&M videos, child porn, violent and brutal acts, or perhaps ritualized

murder (simulated or real) which can lead to acting out in one’s

imagination or even in real life. What began as an “innocent” diversion

gradually becomes a monster which deadens one’s moral sense of

decency and leads down the rabbit hole of sexual degeneracy.

But if God created men and women in His own image (Gen. 1:27) then

why should the human body, in its natural beauty, become a source of

temptation and sin? “Is it not prudish to cover up what God clearly made

for our pleasure and edification,” a resolute nudist may ask? This is a

valid question to be sure which can only be addressed by looking to the

Book of Genesis. In the second chapter of Genesis (verse 25) we read,

“The man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame.” In other

words, they existed in a state of perfect innocence so that their nakedness

did not present any problem. But in the next chapter things took a whole

new turn after they both ate of the forbidden fruit which, ironically,

opened their eyes to a “knowledge” (gnosis) which made them aware of

their nakedness. “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they

realized that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and

made loincloths for themselves.” (Gen. 3:7)

How curious that only after their act of disobedience to God did they see

their own bodies in a pornographic light. What until then had been

beautiful and noble they suddenly viewed as somehow shameful, feeling

the need to hide their bodies not only from one another but, inexplicably,

from the very God who had fashioned those same bodies. For when God

calls out to them Adam responds, “I was afraid because I was naked, so I

hid myself.” (Gen. 3:10) God then poses a most compelling rhetorical

question. “Who told you that you were naked?” (Gen 3:11) For Adam

and Eve, nakedness became a visible sign of their loss of innocence.

Clothing therefore became a permanent reminder of that loss of

innocence; a mark of our sinful inclinations as indicated by the following

passage. “For the man and his wife the Lord God made leather garments

with which He clothed them.” (Gen. 3:21) We are the only species in the

animal kingdom required to attire its bodies, and we alone are able to feel

shame in our nakedness.

From that moment until the present clothing has been a reminder of

man’s lost innocence, despite those hedonist freethinkers and

anthropologists of the Margaret Mead school who lamely attempt to

reinterpret casual nudity as a token of primal innocence. The proof that

they are simply blowing smoke is that every case of overt social nudity is

invariably accompanied by promiscuous and orgiastic behaviors. Even

children 3 or 4 years old will naturally begin to develop a keen sense of

modesty among their own family members. Childhood innocence is the

remaining vestige of the original innocence of Adam and Eve, and so as

they attain greater reason they are naturally drawn towards modesty even

as their first parents sewed fig leaves together to cover their own


Pornography glorifies public nudity and sexuality to the destruction of

innocence. This encompasses overly revealing fashions and swimwear. It

can be auditory as well as visual, delivered through music videos,

blasphemous lyrics, television and movies, and even in classrooms and

libraries. A pure mind and heart become impossible if these are

constantly being filled with pornographic sounds and images which

promote the glories of sex, drugs, violence, self-harm, even suicide.

Children today as young as 3 or 4 are being routinely sexualized through

children’s books, games, and programs. In other words, the next

generation of porn addicts are being formed under the very noses of

clueless parents; groomed and conditioned to embrace gay sex,

transgender ideology, abortion, sexual license, and witchcraft (think

Harry Potter) which are then proposed as fundamental human rights.

In such a permissive culture pornography can easily become a gateway

to actual Satanic ritual and practice. And at the very core of demonic

ritual we encounter abortion. Abortion, in fact, is the unholy high

sacrament of Satanism. As a former Satanic High Wizard Zachary King

ought to know. He participated in 146 abortions before his conversion to

Catholicism in 2008. Connecting the dots, King observes that a society

such as ours which celebrates pornography and is up to its neck in the

blood of abortions is already in the throes of diabolic Satanism. During a

recent presentation I asked Zachary point blank if pornography was a

portal to Satanism, to which he responded, “Absolutely.” Now High

Wizard is the most powerful position which a person can attain in the

worldwide church of Satan. Over a period of 26 years as a practicing

Satanist Zachary cast countless spells and hexes on behalf of many of the

world’s most powerful people (with a 91% success rate). His entire story

is fascinating but I want to focus here on his description of the first ritual

abortion he assisted in, and that while he was still under 15 years of age!

In his book “Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice” Zachary reveals that

Satanism is practiced through blood sacrifices. He observes, “God made

blood a binding agent in agreements, contracts, and covenants. Satan

uses blood in the same manner to make it binding, he also adds in

freewill.” Satan, being a creature, can only ape God, he cannot replace

Him. Zachary continues, “Now let’s imagine the young woman who uses

her freewill to murder something living inside herself. That seems a

pretty significant blood sacrifice. Freewill blood sacrifice and demonic

entities are attracted to death and destruction. It’s probably a safe bet that

demons reside at abortion clinics.”

A warning that what follows is both vile and sickening, so be forewarned

as you read forward. Zachary reveals that his first demonic sacrifice (at

age 14!) was conducted before an image of Baphomet, the demon of

child sacrifice. It is an androgynous occult figure with the familiar goat’s

head on a human body featuring a pentagram on its forehead. The ritual

sacrifice begins at midnight and climaxes at 3:00 a.m., the devil’s

witching hour, in mockery of Christ who agonized and died on the cross

at 3:00 p.m. Satanists are not atheists ─ they believe in God because

Satan himself believes in God. But their one desire is to overturn Him

and His law, that is, to invert the right order of things. They are impelled

by hatred, not disbelief, and they will use any means available to reverse

and invert God’s right order. Human sexuality is naturally ordered to the

procreation of life so Satan twists this great gift to the advancement of

death through abortion.

Nine months earlier a female Satanist known as a “breeder” was

deliberately impregnated for one reason alone; so that her child, now

close to full term, could be sacrificially aborted. Zachary reminds us,

“Satanism is all about blood sacrifices.” This also explains why the

legalization of partial birth abortions is so dear to the heart of feminists

and leftist politicians who minutely regulate every other human activity

with one notable exception: abortion providers. Legal abortion provides

Satanists with a reliable supply of victims for their blasphemous and

disgusting, bloody rituals. A veteran breeder may have had as many as

10 or more pregnancies and abortions in order to satisfy a particular

coven’s blood lust.

Before the grisly ceremony began Zachary relates that 50 nude women

kneeling on the floor chanted continuously “Our bodies, ourselves,” until

the moment of the child’s killing. As High Wizard he was the first to

plunge a scalpel into the breeder’s abdomen. He says that it is essential

that the High Wizard gets some of the blood on his person. After this the

abortionist doctor completes the surgical abortion, tearing the child into

pieces and throwing these on the floor. At this point the nude female

chanters descend like frenzied animals on those body parts, cannibalizing

everything but the bones. After this the entire coven engages in a sexual

orgy. Zachary says that the rush of adrenaline from this first ritual

murder made him tremble with excitement. Over the next 15 or so years

he attested to participation in 145 more abortions, some in coven rituals

but many others at regular Planned Parenthood abortion mills where he

says that Satanists are always welcome. The important thing was to

actually come into contact with the blood in order for any spells he had

cast to be activated.

Zachary’s graphic revelations should lay to rest any claims by nudists

that public nudity is about reclaiming lost innocence. To the contrary

Satanists revel in nudity and promiscuous sex as central elements in

coven rituals and blood sacrifices, hardly a manifestation of innocence!

Occult practices always manifest in some way through sexual abuse,

either of self or others. Likewise pornography depicts multiple modes of

sexual abuse intended to excite one to emulate the abuses portrayed,

whether in the mind or bodily. Therefore there exists a tangible

connection between the production and use of pornography and the

Satanic occult. Like heroin, pornography is a highly addictive habit and

so good people entangled in its snares feel the need to rationalize or even

justify it. This is tantamount to playing dice with the devil because,

whether knowingly or unknowingly, such a person is engaging in the

satanic occult just as surely as if playing on an Ouija board or swearing a

Masonic oath. All carry the risk of demonic attachments.

Just as pornography under-girds the abortion industry, so every abortion

becomes a sacrifice in the advancement Satanic causes. It betokens

Satan’s own sacramental presence in the world because Satan bathes in

the blood of children. Abortion brings Satan to its altars in a

blasphemous parody of the true Mass in which Christ’s one sacrifice is

truly reenacted in an unbloody manner on a Catholic altar. Therefore the

more of these gruesome mock sacrifices (abortions) committed, the

greater Satan’s presence and power in the world increases. So consider

that there are over a million surgical abortions yearly in our country

alone. Add to that number countless unreported pharmaceutical abortions

which could add another million. World wide estimates are that 50

million or more abortions occur annually so you can only imagine how

much power Satan has amassed over today’s world.

One manifestation of that evil power occurred just three years ago when,

under the pretext of a (manufactured) pandemic, the Catholic Church

shut down virtually all public celebrations of the Mass around the entire

globe. This astounding and unprecedented move occurred even as

abortion mills were deemed “essential services” and allowed to continue

their despicable blood sacrifices of innocent children to the Prince of

Darkness. What greater insult to the Divine Mercy could mankind have

conceived? That one act alone did irreparable harm to God’s people and

to all human society at large. Globalist world leaders, (including

Illuminist Freemasons, the CCP, WHO, WEF, IMF and countless

government heads) with the connivance of Church leaders effectively, if

not formally, consecrated the entire planet to the service of Satan.

The enormity of this disaster can hardly be understated. By comparison it

makes Chamberlain’s callous handing of Czechoslovakia over to Hitler

in 1939 look like swapping a baseball card. And I fear that the world has

yet to suffer the full devastating consequences of that shocking betrayal

by the clergy. We do know that since the Covid lockdowns ended there

has been a further 20% decline in Church attendance on top of 50 years

of steady hemorrhaging. That erosion of faith coincides with a

proportional growth in New Age and Satanic cults, because nature does

indeed abhor a vacuum. People will not believe in nothing, as Chesterton

remarked, rather they will believe in anything. Mother Theresa was

adamant that there would never be peace in the world so long as

contraception and abortion were widely practiced. And pornography is

the oxygen that feeds the flames of abortion.

Child sex trafficking is now undeniably endemic, fed by the demand for

porn of all kinds. Sadly, America has become ground zero for such

trafficking. Estimates are that upwards of 80% of males between 15 and

65 use online porn, plus 40% or more of females. Those numbers were

before the Covid lockdowns which most certainly exacerbated the

problem through massive forced isolation. This means our civilization is

very close to the verge of sinking into a violent, dark age much as the

Roman and Greek worlds did before us. Death begets death, then as now.

Like ours today, those former civilizations were also saturated in

pornography, abortion, boy prostitution, and sensuality which sapped the

ancients of moral vigor. We are treading the same path but in a worse

sense because, unlike those pagan societies, we were a Christian society

which then rejected its Christian roots in order to embrace the Satanic.

Ours will therefore be a much harsher judgment. May God have mercy

on this nation and a world caught up in the thrall of pornography and

consumed by the Satanic blood lust that is abortion.

Pornography is like a broken sewer pipe which quietly contaminates our

youth, institutions, and civilization. Every other form of sexual

corruption stems from that source. Our Lord gravely warned, “That

which comes from within is what makes a man unclean.” (Mk. 7:20) It is

those images hidden deep within the mind which direct our external

actions. Only by removing the depraved images and replacing them with

holy images (in Greek, icons) can we then pray, “Create a clean heart in

me, O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Ps. 51:12)

I have touched only upon highlights of this corrosive scourge.

To learn more please reach out to Zachary King at www.allsaintsministry.org

Also, if you know someone who is struggling with porn please visit

Dann Aungst at www.RoadToPurity.com

Francis J. Pierson + a.m.d.g. August, 2023


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