The 4 components of recovery from porn – Part 2: Spirituality

This week, we continue our 4 part series on the components of recovery from porn and sex addiction. Spirituality is our focus today.  I often hear of people, not only priests, telling others that the answer to beating porn addiction is prayer and the sacraments. Of the four components to recovery, re-ordering our spiritual life […]

The Destruction that Porn has on Marriages

A woman reading this article’s title may ask the question, “Is my husband looking at porn?” As a man reading it, you may have thoughts of, “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her?”  Either of these responses points to a really big issue: How Porn Destroys Marriages This article is written from the perspective of […]

Has the family been lost in society?

It is clear that the traditional idea of family is under attack. When I say traditional, I mean the original meaning from God. Our biblical roots of existence where man and woman in the sanctity of marriage are joined as one flesh [Genesis 2:24].  This union with God is the earthly, human image of the […]


Because of all those that follow, pray for, and support Road to Purity, this is a summary of our successes in 2021: In summary, 2021 was our most blessed year in the history of the apostolate. With you, and in partnership with Jesus Christ, helped us achieve the following: Reached more souls than ever through […]

How safe are your kids on the internet?

In today’s pornified culture, children are not only getting exposed to a message of sexual impurity being acceptable, they are simply finding it on their electronic devices. Oftentimes accidentally. The bar of sexual purity is constantly being lowered.  So often, parents make the mistake of not wanting to discuss the topic with their kids too […]

Does Porn Fuel Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking and pornography are related. However, many people assume they are two different issues. In fact, you can rarely find leaders, politicians, and media outlets saying that porn and sex trafficking are related. Why is that? Today, I want to explain why and the facts that support this position.  What is sex trafficking? Sex […]

15 Coping Strategies to Help You Stay Porn-Free

By Dann Aungst So, you’ve made the courageous commitment to stop looking at porn. Congratulations! A very commendable and healthy life change. However, reality hits. You find that just because you made a commitment, that it doesn’t necessarily equal success. In fact, you may even find that you are looking at porn more than ever! […]