Road to Purity Happenings October 2021

We have been fortunate to spread the message of Road to Purity to hundreds of people these past weeks. I want to let you know that I gave two talks these past weeks about sexual morality.

Let me share with you about the top activities making an impact on our mission of awareness, education adn healing of pornography and sex addiction. 

1) Advice to seminarians when people confess sexual sins – A couple of weeks ago, I gave a talk to 19seminarians and priests at St John Vianney Seminary here in Denver, Colorado. The discussion covered the topic of how to help penitents when sexual sin is confessed.

The talk given was “Effectively helping penitents when sexual sin is confessed”. The premise of the presentation was that the most common place where sexual sins are revealed is in the confessional. 

The priest had the opportunity to not only offer some basic direction to the penitent but to also offer a penance that fits the sin. Dann’s belief, as a recovering addict and expert in this field, is that a penance of three ‘Hail Mary’s’ and an ‘Our Father’, while fulfilling the sacramental requirement,  is not going to keep the penitent from coming back. 

Unfortunately, seminary education and formation does not guide these future priests in the area of resolving sexual sin due to today’s rapidly changing culture and effective healing modalities. This is one of the reasons for Road to Purity’s mission, to help fill this void. Every priest will potentially reach 20,000-30,000 individuals in their career. 

As a bonus, the seminary allows us to video record this presentation and make it publicly available. If you would like to hear what we are educating these future priests, here is the link to the presentation; Effectively helping penitents when sexual sin is confessed. St. John Vianney Seminary.

Please feel free to share this link with your parish. 

2) Sharing Road to Purity’s mission to 1,200 people – Also, I gave an exhibit at the Denver Marian Conference. I spoke to over twelve hundred people about our apostolate and how we are helping bring awareness, education, and healing around the topic of sexual morality.

The conference included talks by Fr. Donald Calloway, Fr Timothy Gallagher, and Fr. Chris Alar. Below is a photo of our vendor booth. Many people stopped by our booth making either very positive comments about the apostolate or simply asking questions about helping them, their children or their families with this addiction. 

As a heads up, The end of October (23rd-31st) is the International Week of Prayer and Fasting Conference. And Dann will be speaking there – more details to come!! (entire sentence is linked to their site )

Thanks for all your support!

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  • Wow Dan! Such an amazing talk! I have enjoyed seeing you at the St. Thomas Aquinas Conference the past two years. The work you are doing is so critical for men and the Church. So many things that were never spoken of are now being brought out into the light of Christ. Thank you so very much for your ministry. You will continue to be in my prayers and I look forward to hearing your talks again
    God Bless!

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