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I want to share with you the responses which were overwhelming. So, if you completed the survey,


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Let me share a summary of what we discovered, as well as Road to Purity’s actions based on people’s responses.  

Overview of the topic of porn

First, we asked you what you wanted to know more about on the topic of porn. The answers to this question as well as some responses to other questions inspired us to make a plan of future topics for our communications with you. In no particular order, here are the general subjects we will address as we mix in with our other articles with you. So,keep an eye out for these as a lot of people expressed an interest. 

  1. Non biblical reasons for not watching porn
  2. How can Mary help with Porn? 
  3. How does porn recovery fit into 12 steps programs?
  4. Effects of porn on the brain
  5. How to avoid temptations? Even if we pray and are close to God why do simple internet activity still temp us – how do we avoid this?
  6. How childhood sexual abuse leads to viewing porn as an adult
  7. What’s the psychology behind the violence of porn? How does it lead to violence
  8.  When should your children have a smartphone?
  9. Should you monitor your child’s social media behaviors? Or smartphone/tablet history/use?
  10. Actual porn statistics and their impact on society
  11. What age do you begin to talk to your kids about porn and what do you say at what age?
  12. What is the best filter to use on electronic devices?

How your spiritual leaders deal with porn

The survey had several other questions relating to perspectives on how your priests address the topic, and your family practices on the topic of porn. Here is what we found:

1, Only 27.3% of parents had any rules whatsoever on their children’s smartphone use. 

2. 64% of parents (who had kids young enough to have internet access), never monitored or reviewed their children’s internet activities. 

3. 46.7% never talked to their children about pornography or sexual immorality while only 9.1% said they spoke to their children frequently. 

4. Of the approximately 50% of parents who did speak to their children about sexual immorality, the average age they apoke to them was about 14.

5. 85% of priests NEVER talk about sexual immorality or pornography. 

Statistics about the responses of the survey

Just as a teaser to our future topic #10 above, here are few statistics that relate to the responses we saw above. 

  1. The average age of first exposure to pornography is 9 years old.
  2. 90% of teenage boys between the ages of 10-16 have seen porn. 
  3. 68% of teens under 16 look at porn for their sex education.
  4. Over 11 million teens in the U.S. look at pornography daily. 
  5. 88% of practicing Catholic college age men and 81% of college age women say they battle with behaviors such as pornograhpy, anonymous sex and pre-marital sex. 

For many, these statistics and survey answers can be very scary. Unfortunately, it is the truth of the times we live in and the impact of society and the world. Recall the scripture verse 1 Peter 2:11 “Beloved, I urge you as aliens and exiles to abstain from the desires of the flesh that wage war against the soul.”

We as children of God are only temporary residents of this world, it is not where we belong. The enemy who rules this world, (1 John 5:19 “ We know that we belong to God, but the whole world is under the power of the devil”) will do everything in his power to destroy us. And sexual impurity is his #1 weapon. 

Road to Purity’s plans to address people’s needs and the problems of porn

To battle this truth is precisely the mission of Road to Purity. The truth and destruction of sexual impurity is blinding the vast majority of society and destroying countless souls. And presenting  the ROAD TO PURITY is our purpose of existence. Awareness, Education and Healing. That’s who we are. And If you find that mission important, we invite you to support us in ANY capacity. 

Sneak peek of future plans

  • Significant expansion of existing programs like Restoring God’s Foundation and The Simon Community. (goals of 15,-20,000 students by the end of 2024!
  • Development and release of a Clergy Formation Enhancement Program. (details on our website in about a week!
  • Expand our outreach to Catholic Parishes. (we currently serve over 800 parishes with our materials – goal is to double that by end of 2024)
  • Launch of our “Leading Souls to Freedom” campaign to kickstart all of this.  

And, always remember, we will always help you navigate through this hidden minefield and point you directly to Christ. 


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